The Pause

Generation Multitask. It’s a fitting label for an overcommitted, over-entertained generation of teenagers, don’t you think? School, band, sports practice, work, volunteering, and hours of “screen time,” all create a tremendous drain on their lives. Where is the time for cultivating their relationship with Christ?

The Pause will teach your students to “hit pause” to spend time growing their relationship with God. They’ll learn how to pray, how to memorize Scripture, and how to study specific passages of the Bible. Basically, they’ll learn how to develop the habits that will lead them into a vibrant relationship with Christ.


The Pause: Large Group Video Previews

[These videos are designed for Large Group Sessions]


The Pause: Lesson Overviews

Download The Pause Lesson Overviews

Study Features

  • Four Large Group Outlines! Choose from Simple or Detailed outlines
  • Large Group Media! Videos to kick off and wrap up your weekend, background loops, PowerPoint images, and more
  • Four Small Group Lessons! Streamlined Lesson Plans delivered to your teachers Online.
  • Interactive Student Book! Small Group Lessons utilize an awesome, full color Student Book.
  • Four Devotions! Imitator Student Books feature four devotions for during or after your DNow weekend
  • BONUS CONTENT! Follow Up Journals! 4-weeks of intentional follow-up devotionals to help students keep growing by applying their learning long after the weekend is over
  • “Authenteractive” T-Shirts! Authentic. Interactive. Themed Design. Customizable. Simple. These shirts offer your group a sweet look for your weekend, plus a practical 5-day interactive challenge on their shirt tag. Just collect your sizes and we’ll do the rest!

Student Resources

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